My Responsibility As A Councillor If Elected Will Be To Make Policies That Will Aid Development At The Local Government – Councillorship Aspirant, Oladeji Ayodeji

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Oladeji Ayodeji is an aspirant contesting for the post of Councillor in Ward 1 under the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Lagelu Local Government. In this interview with AKOBO METRO, he spoke on his journey into politics, love for humanity and the developmental  efforts of the present administration in Oyo state.

Can you please tell us about yourself?

My name is Oladeji Ayodeji Taiwo. I attended Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye where I obtained Diploma in Business Administration and BSc Sociology. I also attended University of Ibadan where I obtained MSc in Sociology (Criminology).

What informed your interest in politics and for how long have you been in politics?

I went into politics because I have the passion to serve the people. I am a member of Leo Club (The Youth Affiliate of Lions Club International). I love to see people happy. Governance is not a rocket science, it’s about the collective effort of the people and harnessing it for the benefits of the society. When I designed my flyers and put BSc, MSc someone called me and said: “Ay why don’t you run for State Honourable, your level is bigger than this because of your educational status.” Meanwhile, the grassroot is the most important part of governance because that’s the closest. How then do you leave it to mediocre and political thugs to manage.

What are you contesting for and what are your plans to ensure that you represent your ward well if elected?

I’m contesting for the post of councillor in Ward 1, Lagelu LG. Many people including some politicians doesn’t even understand the responsibility of a Councillor. I’ve once heard that a councillor was promising to construct roads, build schools, etc which is not true. The responsibility on me as a Councillor if elected is to make policy that will aid development within the local government and my ward. Meanwhile, my ward is a metropolis and needs infrastructure that will aid industrialisation and therefore I will work and influence the local government executives using my skills and capacity as a trained marketer to bring infrastructure to my ward.

What are your plans to ensure that the people of your Ward in Lagelu enjoy the benefits of democracy at the grassroot?

Because ward is the closest to the people and so is the councillor. I was brought up here and I still live there and so I understand the challenges facing us. Democracy is a system of government by the people and for them, that’s why I plan to always get in touch with them through town Hall meetings, landlord’s meeting, etc. If I keep in touch with them always like I still do, I will be able to understand what they want and try to solve it to the level of capacity I have.

Recently, some people in your party protested against imposition of candidates for election, what is your take on this issue?

Not everyone can be satisfied with whatever system or style used for the selection of candidates. Meanwhile, the governor love his people and want the best for them. Everyone in the party will have to align with what the government want. He’s the leader of the party and knows how to settle issues within the party. It’s a family affairs and no family is perfect. In fact we need to praise the governor for deciding to do LG election. We once had a governor and for almost 8 years of his tenure, he didn’t conduct LG election. So everyone in the party should allow peace to reign. Let’s work together. The common goal is to make Oyo State great and we should work towards that in peace.

How can you rate governor Seyi Makinde’s performance so far?

He’s the best governor we’ve had in Oyo State. Look at how he handled Covid-19 lockdown. Every Christmas is like we are in London with beautiful lightings, look at Akobo Road that was abandoned by previous government, it almost near completion. Awotan Road and the dumpsite rehabilitation, school construction also. The schools he’s building for primary schools is even better than the unity school the previous government built with billions. What will you say about LAUTECH ACQUISITION. See a government that prioritise education like this love his people because education liberates a society.

Some people say that politics is a dirty game, what’s your view?

Politics is not dirty, it’s the players that are dirty and there are exceptions. People of worthy characters are in politics and we need more of us. The youths and people of good character have left politics for mediocre and thugs for a long time and now is the time to change the narrative. Politics is a game of number and so when you have more people with dirty minds, you get a dirty politics but when you have good people with right ideas, you will also get good politics.
Therefore, I want to encourage youths and good people of ward 1 and Lagelu Local Government generally to join politics and political parties because that’s where decisions about who becomes who in government starts from.

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  1. This is intriguing, New Dawn indeed. We expect to see a thriving Ward 1 and greater Lagelu at large.

    Ayo lole she o.

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