My Passion To Impart Practical Art Skills Into Young Artists Led Me Into Teaching Arts -Ayoola Damola, Former Banker Turned Art Instructor

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Ayoola Damola, a former banker turned Art instructor, is a multi-talented Art teacher whose works cuts across the entire field of art.

Recently, he spoke to AKOBO METRO about his passion for teaching young artists, why he quit the banking industry to becoming an art instructor in school and what educational policy makers should do to promote arts among students.

Can you please tell us your name?

My name is Ayoola Damola.

What motivated you to venture into teaching and practising Art?

I have been practising Arts before I started teaching it. From the year 2008 to 2015, I worked as a banker, but the fear of job security made me to proactively developed my talent in creative arts. I was inspired by the works of Omidiran and Ayeola Ayodeji. After working as a banker for about 8years, I started practising as a self employed artist.

I discovered that the potentials and passion among lovers of arts was dwindling day by day. Many students struggle to draw, not to talk of painting even at secondary school level. I think that the love of imparting practical Art skills and to help young artists regain the passion for Art motivated me to teaching Cultural and Creative Arts in Primary and Secondary Schools.

Do you think Art should be encouraged among Students?

Yes, it should. Many subjects in school like Biology, Technical Drawing, Agriculture, Mathematics etc require diagrams and students cannot avoid them.
There is hardly an aspect of occupation or profession a student wants to find him/herself in future that will not involve arts. At the point of marketing and advertisements all industries need graphics. When we say Arts, it is not limited to drawing. As a student who wishes to become architect he needs drawing skills. Mass Communicating requires acting, which is an aspect of performing art, also graphics which is an aspect of applied art, etc. So the knowledge in art is for all students and it should be encouraged.

A picture of Oyo State Governor, Engr. Seyi Makinde by Ayoola Damola

What is your advise for Students who want to go into Art?

My advise for all potential artists include the following: engage in constant practice. Don’t allow a day to end without an achievement of artistic work by you, don’t let anyone’s opinion of your work stop you from doing what you are so driven to do, be original, get out into the world and meet with people but compete only with yourself.

What is your advice for educational policy makers?

Most Cultural and Creative Art teachers were not trained in all aspect of the subject. Majority were either trained as Fine Art or Music teacher. What is responsible for this is that only few higher institutions of learning in the country produce teachers who can teach CCA. My advice is that educational policy makers should encourage more higher institutions to produce Cultural and Creative Art Teachers. Secondly, The government and educational policy makers should discover, celebrate and present awards to young artists with outstanding art skills. Scholarships and Science laboratories should not only be made available for Science students. Scholarships and well equiped art studios are needed to pave way for future artists.

Fresh FM Chairman, Yinka Ayefele

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