Hon. Tokunbo Adeaga: A Quintessential Politician

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The simplest acts of kindness are by far more than a thousand heads bowing in prayer

– Mahatma Gandhi

Honourable Adetokunbo Adeaga is a “GSMist” to the core and a member of Oyo State Hospital Management Board.  His contributions to the development of Oyo state especially at the grass-root level is laudable. Aside from being a politician of repute, his philanthropic activities speak volume about him.

Over the years, Hon. Adetokunbo Adeaga has shown consistency, love and great passion in the discharge of his duties –as a politician and as a professional. A countless number of people in Lagelu Local Government continue to testify to his kindness and act of benevolence to the less-privileged.

Recently, during an empowerment programme at Seyi o S’emi Movement (SSM) on Sunday in Akobo, Alhaji Tokunbo Adeaga (a core GSMist) exhibited his usual kindness by giving out a grinding machine to a widow while others at the empowerment programme didn’t go empty-handed as foodstuffs and a token was handed over to them.

When a man is good, no circumstances can change his character of kindness. Maybe that’s why his “oríkì” is ÀLÀMÚ and there’s a general saying that “ÀLÀMÚ ṣe ènìyàn”.

Family, friends, colleagues, associates and neighbours can testify to your humility, kindness and support for everyone around you.

ÀLÀMÚ, continue your act of kindness as it is already being rewarded by God on your children and grandchildren and insha Allah you will also reap much more of such in this dispensation.

Written by Oladeji Ayodeji

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