Entrepreneurs Must Be Focused And Determined To Succeed -CEO Mercy Surprises

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Akinremi Mercy Oluwaferanmi
is the Chief Executive Officer of Mercy Surprises, an event management organization in Ibadan that offers birthday, anniversary and special occasion surprise package for her clients.
In this interview, the Medical Laboratory Scientist student of Lead City University, Ibadan, spoke about how Covid-19 is affecting her business and what entrepreneurs need to do to move their business forward.
What type of business do you run? 
Mercy: I am into event management and surprise package. Our organization basically helps our clients to create special moment of surprise to their loved ones. We do proposal surprise, birthday surprise, anniversary surprise, boyfriend and girlfriend surprise and bridal and baby shower surprise.
What motivated you into Mercy surprises?
Mercy: My determination to make money without depending on anybody motivated me into venturing into entrepreneurship. Similarly, the desire to provide value to people motivated me into business.
How has Covid-19 affected your business?
Mercy: Just like every other person, I have been affected in no small measure by Covid-19. I haven’t been able to travel out of Ibadan to offer my services to my clients. Some of my clients outside the state have not been able to get the services they are requesting for because of the Inter-state lockdown across the country.
How are you adjusting to the changes that Covid-19 has brought into the business world?
Mercy: One of the ways through which I have been adjusting to the challenges of Covid-19 is to be patient with the way things are going at the moment. I know that  have there will be a shift from the challenges brought by Covid-19. So, I am keeping my peace and avoiding to be bothered or disturbed. Also, I have been engaging actively with my clients by leveraging on the social media to keep communication going on.
What’s your advice for entrepreneurs?
Mercy: Entrepreneurs and business owners must stay focused and be determined never to give up in the face of different challenges facing their businesses especially during a time like this one. Entrepreneurs must be focused and determined in their pursuit.
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