Eni-Osa Community Begs Makinde Over Power Outage In Alafia Zone

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Residents of Alafia zone, Eni-Osa have called on the the leadership of Lagelu Local Government and the Oyo State Governor, Engr. Seyi Makinde to come to the rescue of the people of Alafia zone, Eni-Osa community, by providing them with transformer that will supply electricity to the people of the community.

The General chairman of the Landlord’s Association in the community Pastor Adeoye, in a statement, called on the government to save the community from months of power outage.

According to him, Eni-Osa has 12 zones out of which Alafia zone-one of the zones-have been in darkness since last year. He stated that the community through the Landlord Association has been making efforts to contribute to buying a new transformer but the contributed funds cannot be enough for the purchase of a transformer and therefore they are calling on the government to assist the people of the community in getting a transformer that will supply electricity to houses in Alafia zone- Eni-Osa community.

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