Protesters Occupy Major Roads In Ibadan

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Youth calling for an end to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) on Monday took over some major roads in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, calling for an end to police brutality, PREMIUM TIMES reports.

The protests are in continuation of the nationwide protests to demand for the end of SARS, among others.

According to reports, youths gathered as early as 7 am, demanding an end to police brutality.

The protests are currently holding in some strategic locations and major entries of Ibadan.

This development has led to heavy traffic on major roads and entries into Ibadan.

Our correspondent reports that while some youth are currently at Iwo Road, Sango, Apata protesting, others are currently at University of Ibadan, Mokola, Dugbe and Secretariat Road protesting.

Some are currently at Challenge, Orita and New garage protesting.

Some of the blocked roads are the major points of entry in Ibadan.

Those who are at Iwo Road have blocked the Lagos- Ibadan expressway way.

This development has made many travellers going outside or coming to Ibadan from Osun, Kwara and Lagos states to be stranded.

Those who are currently holding their protest at Apata have blocked the Ibadan-Abeokuta Road.

Travellers who are either going to Ogun State or coming from Ogun State to Ibadan are currently stranded at the Ibadan- Abeokuta Road.

Other protesters who are at Sango are currently blocking Mokola- Ojoo road, the development that is making commuters plying the road to be stranded.

Also, protesters who are holding the protest at Challenge, Orita, New Garage are currently preventing people coming from Ijebu-Ode, Sagamu and some parts of Lagos State from entering or leaving Ibadan.

One of the protesters, who identified himself as Akinola, said that the Monday’s protest was in continuation of the nationwide protest to end police brutality.

He added that it became tensed because of the alleged federal government threat to deploy soldiers to stop the protests.

“It is a continuation of the #EndSARs protest. Because of the FG’s alleged threat to deploy soldiers, they trooped out in large number, more than last week”.

Another resident of Ibadan, Dare Adekanmbi, said that it was painful to take his children to school on Monday.

Mr Adekanmbi added that the fact that soldiers are being deployed for matters of internal security for which the police are said to equipped is another indictment of the police and justifies the clamour for a total overhaul.

He said, “As a parent, it was painful taking my children to school this morning as I was snarled in humongous traffic as a result of the ongoing nationwide protest against the decay in the Nigerian system. I am perceptive enough to appreciate the fact that the protest is for the good of the country. The leadership has taken the followership for a ride for many years, even predating the Buhari presidency.

“We, the youth, are saying enough is enough. They claim we are the leaders of a tomorrow that is so elusive. In fact, the ruling elites have eaten up that tomorrow if you imagine the amount of debts hanging on the country. In spite of these ballooning debts, there is virtually nothing to show for it in terms of infrastructure citizens’ welfare.

“They are bringing in soldiers from tomorrow and we are ready for them. To salvage Nigeria is a task that must be collectively done by all, including the soldiers themselves who I’m sure, are not happy with the way the country is. For the very first time, about 200 soldiers resigned when their superior officers deployed them to combat insurgents in the North East without adequate weapons and with their morale so low.

“In fact, the fact soldiers are being deployed for matters of internal security for which the police are said to equipped is another indictment of the police and justifies the clamour for a total overhaul.

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